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15th November 2018

Learn More About the Gastrointestinal System - Listen to 'Talking Gut' with Dr. Jim Kantidakis.


Dr Jim Kantidakis is a Gut-directed Clinical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist, and one of the first in Australia to specialise in this Psychological /Hypnotherapy treatment of individuals diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems.  Jim has extensive expertise in the area, with over 10 years of experience. He was also the first Psychologist to provide Psychological and Hypnotherapy treatment to children in paediatric gastroenterology in Australia. Jim is also the director of The Gut Centre, the first and largest Psychogastroenterology clinic in Australia, with locations across Melbourne and Sydney. Jim is also sees patients in the Functional Gut Clinic at St. Vincent's Hospital - which forms part of The MANTRA Study.


Jim’s passion and keen interest in the area of gastroenterology has inspired him to develop a podcast, 'Talking Gut with Dr Jim Kantidakis', that would help educate the general public and health professionals about the in's and out's of the gastrointestinal system. The podcast episodes include interviews with leading specialist’s in the area of gastroenterology and related systems. These health professions include gastroenterologist’s and heads of gastroenterology departments like A/Prof Geoff Hebbard, and the Founder of the ROME foundation, Prof Douglas Drossman. It even includes Jim's area of specialty, Psychogastroenterology, as well as diet, and pelvic floor physiotherapy.

To listen to Talking Gut - click on the image below:

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