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10th October, 2016

Douglas Piper Clinical Research Young Investigator Award  - Dr. Sudarshan Parasmothy

Congratulations to Dr. Sudarshan Parasmothy who received the Douglas Piper Clinical Research Young Investigator Award at Australian Gastroenterology Week 2016. He was recognised for his work on the FOCUS Study, with his abstract entitled "Multi Donor Intense Faecal Microbiota Transplantation is Effective Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis".  


The purpose of this Young Investigator Award (YIA) is to stimulate interest in research training by rewarding excellence amongst those involved in research training or in the early stages of their independent research activities. This award recognises each year the best research in Australia by a young investigator in gastroenterology.

AGIRF is incredibly happy to be supporting ground breaking research that is being recognised on a global level.


                                                                                               Dr. Sudarshan Parasmothy

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